Palliative care

Palliative care

Since the beginning of 2014haritable Centre “Raduga" has started "Home of Rainbow Childhood" project execution. This is the project of children's Hospice in Omsk Region.

Charitable Centre Raduga" tries to help all children, but unfortunately potential of modern medicine isn't unlimited. In some cases it’s still impossible to cure a child. However, not all hopelessly sick children can stay in hospitals. Many of them stay at home and are looked after by their parents. It becomes a serious test for families who must look after dying children 24 hours a day. Apart from physical and moral fatigue parents are under heavy financial burden. Acquisition of medical life supporting equipment, drugs and hygienic assessors isnt so simple.

In this difficult life situation families are able to receive necessary help only in hospice where little patients can get palliative care and decent living without pain and sufferings. Meanwhile their parents are able to receive qualified help of phycologists, they can get moral support and in some cases medical help. More important is that families will have that help for free.

Charitable Centre Raduga" can execute the project only on condition of public assistance.
By the end of the year 2013 about 300 Omsk children needed palliative care.

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