Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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Can you help us?
We help children who are under 18 years and whose life situations aren't covered with state medical and social programs. You can ask for our help if you've already tried all other opportunities, but got refusal, and we will definitely consider your documents.
What documents do we need to provide for application processing?
You need to provide us with:
- passport and/or child birth certificate;
- medical statements;
-  referral to observation or treatment (if available);
- parents certificates of income for last 6 months.

I want to help! How can I do that?
Our center accepts any humanitarian help, but it is better to call and get aware of what our patients need currently.

We always need:

- clean clothes in proper condition;
- disposable hygienic diapers;
- small gifts for children – we alwyas visit hospitals with gifts for sick children;
- toys (fluffy toys are exception - they are usually forbidden in hospitals).
Monetary donations are always needed as well. Size of donation is not important. Small donations lead to big help.

If you can’t help with money, you can always help with your help and support. Our patients constantly need it. Time you spend on a child is much more valuable, than financial investments or humanitarian help.

Why my donation isn't displayed on the site?
Money that arrive in an account are displayed on our site within two business days. If in two days time you still don't see the payment on the site, please call us on number 8 (3812) 908-902.
How can I know what my donation was spent on?
The center gets plenty of small donations. All expenses are published on our site. If your donation wasn't made for concrete child, your money could be spent on any of the intentions, they are also  mentioned in the report.
I've made a specific contribution, but on site I see information that all money for a child has been already collected. What will my money be used for?
Money will be reserved for this child. It often happens, that besides declared treatment or equipment, a child needs extra money for treatment.
How is it possible, that a child gets help before necessary sum of money collected? Why should we donate for a child, who has already been cured?
The center has a surplus fund, that is used, when a child needs help without any time to wait. After payment of costs this money should be placed back to surplus fund, as money in funt is for unexpected expenses. We can’t start collecting money for other children until we help children who wait their turn.
Do you help to treat children abroad only?

Our priority is tratment and rehabilitation in Russia. But of course we have exceptions that are proved with documents and necessary requirements.

How soon can we expect your help?
Your application is considered within 7 working days. Our center tries to help all the children, but we work on a first-come, first-served basis. Please, be understanding of this rule.
In which case help can be denied?
Decisions are taken by the general board of 'Raduga'. All the workers participate in these meetings. We concider each case with individual approach. Although the center reserves the right to deny an application without giving reasons.