19 July 2016

Nikitas Levin dream came true! Heve been to ‘Cosmos – on 16th of June he finally visited Moscow planetarium. The trip was filled with bright emotions!


First of all we want to thank everyone who took part in Nikitas trip. Thanks to your contributions Nikita fulfilled his life-dream.

The boy who suffers from muscular dystrophy told us about his dream a year ago. He was so involved with his interest in Solar system.

Nikita and his grandmother stayed in Moscow for 3 days. The highlight of the trip was a visit of Moscow planetarium. Can you even imagine emotions of a boy who hasnt left his house for a few years? Apart from planetarium Nikita also visited Moscow Zoo and VDNKh. Nikita was really impressed.


And we are preparing one more surprise for Nikita. He has been dreaming of having a telescope. So in July we are visiting Isilkul to get a telescope and astroplanetarium there those are gifts for Nikita which were bought on contributed money!

Thanks to your help we can fulfill the dreams of children who werent lucky enough in this life. Never stop dreaming! You dreams can come true!

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