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1 472 353c
Masha Kistinova, 17 years

Now Masha is confined to bed. She can barely move in her room using crutches. To get new artificial leg Masha needs 4 050 750 rubles.

Masha 's story

78 332c

We can help that wonderful boy to start his happy and healthy life. Each move for him is a great opportunity to become a normal person. Let’s help Rafael to fulfil his dream!To start walking the boy needs rehabilitation priced 78 332 rubles.
Rafael 's story

155 490c
Lisa Shirshova, 13 years

Lisa Shirshova, 13 y.o. Diabetes. Urgent need in insulin pump
Lisa 's story

260 922c

He is the only child in family. He was growing up as a normal kid, he was attending school and playing with friends. But suddenly nonreversible process started in boy’s body, so only our help can save him.
Kostya 's story

1 092 513c
Maksim Taskaev, 8 months old years

The boy was born healthy weighing 4,240 gr. There were no problems revealed till he turned 4 months old. The further events developed dramatically. At the moment Maksim is staying in the hospital, his parents are not allowed to see their son. Those are rules of russian hospitals. The child's life depends on apparatus. Shall we help him to survive?
Maksim's story